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Contemporary stained glass artisan and founder of an
exclusive line of heirloom quality stained glass accessories.

Stained Glass Artist

Stained glass is born from architectural contours and fiery industrial processes. I reinterpret that into humanized pieces that channel the female energy whether displayed as fine art or worn as a moving exhibit. Using rare and vintage architectural glass, I translate a traditionally rigid building process into modern, intricate and illuminated designs.

Stained Glass Clutch Series

Introducing fine art glass clutches and hand bags created with the time honored Tiffany technique. Each one of a kind piece is a pairing of new and vintage glass with modern frames and functional clasps. I am fascinated by the potential of a cold, fragile and inflexible medium to transition through light and design and shift to exude strength, movement and femininity.  My goal is to create timeless  pieces that gain character, patina, and stories as they age. $950+

Honoring trailblazing women who are reaching new heights and shattering the glass ceiling. Each custom shattered pattern acknowledges both the fragility of the medium and the strength achieved when vintage glass and modern materials are forged back together. 

Glass is born from fire and flame and this series reflects the transformative energy of Pele Goddess of Fire.  Deeply textured black iridized glass and rare pigmented reds mimic her fiery lava flows and powerful primordial force. 

Medusa’s name was derived from the Greek verb meaning to “protect and guard”. Over 400 hand cut pieces allow for internal illumination and play with the idea of Medusa not as a threat, but as a guardian. 


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Stained Glas Lamp

Stained glass is traditionally a flat or panel medium but I strive to push the structural boundaries of glasswork through subtle reinforcement and create 3D sculptural pieces that capture the light. I love transforming a hard linear glass medium into an organic dimensional piece. I am mesmerized by the shifting light and how glass can morph throughout the waning sunlight. A piece can change hundreds of times simply by the angle of perspective or the shifting light. 

Glass Bouquets & Succulents

Glass Succulant
stained Glass Succulant
stained Glass Succulant

I am drawn to the beauty of succulents for their variations of warm earthly tones, capacity to thrive under duress and have evolved to withstand long periods of hardship and drought. They endure and flourish through harrowing conditions.  

Succulents represent friendship, commitment and love; all of which are beautifully reflected in my custom stained glass wedding bouquets.  Combining cold glass and decorative metal or crystal  elements with live succulents is a unique mixed medium challenge.  I worked with @succulentartworks to intertwine live succulents with hand cut vintage glass blooms.  The earthly elements will continue to grow and propagate with care, while the glass elements can be displayed or cherished for generations to come.  These custom pieces are perfect for bridal and life celebrations. 

Functional Fine Art



The Goddess of Volcanoes and Fire