sheila ​Szilagyi-​Noseworthy

Contemporary Stained Glass Artist

Stained glass is born from architectural contours and ​fiery industrial processes. I reinterpret that into ​humanized pieces displayed as fine art or worn as a ​moving exhibit. Using rare and vintage architectural ​glass, I translate a traditionally rigid building process ​into modern, intricate and illuminated designs.

Shape design element

founder of an ​exclusive line ​of Heirloom ​glass Clutches

For the love of Glass

I strive to push the structural boundaries of glasswork. ​I love transforming architectrual glass into an organic ​dimensional piece. I am mesmerized by how glass ​morphs through the waning sunlight. A piece can ​change hundreds of times simply by the angle of ​perspective or the shifting light. My goal is to create ​timeless pieces that reflect movement and gain ​character, patina, and stories as they age.

I create using the Louis C. Tiffany copper foil ​technique - a painstaking century old hand cut ​process patented in the late 1800's. A custom pattern ​is drawn, glass is selected and individually hand scored, ​then snapped apart or nipped with grozing pliers and ​carefully ground to refine the shape. The edges of ​each piece are wrapped in copper foil, burnished ​smooth, tacked tightly and soldered together at 410F. ​The piece then goes through multiple stages of of ​patina, cleaning and waxing. It’s a slow and time ​consuming process but will stand for generations.

I work with modern iridescent and opaque glass ​although my preference is to build with reclaimed and ​vintage or mouth blown sheets. The glass itself carries ​a history and story before it is reimagined.

Heirloom Clutches

& Handbags

Medusa Series

Medusa’s name was derived from the Greek verb ​meaning to “protect and guard”. Over 400 hand cut ​pieces and internal illumination and play with the idea

of Medusa not as a threat, but as a guardian.

Pele Goddess of Fire Series

Glass is born from fire and flame and this series ​reflects the transformative energy of Pele ​Goddess of Fire. Deeply textured black iridescent ​glass and rare pigmented reds mimic her fiery lava ​flows and powerful primordial force.

Shattered series

Honoring trailblazing women who are reaching ​new heights and shattering the glass ceiling. ​Each custom shattered pattern highlights the ​fragility of the medium and the renewed ​strength achieved when vintage glass and ​modern materials are forged together.

mixed Media

Glass overlays

Combining my love of glass with abstract art

I love the shifting properties of glass, how it morphs at every angle ​and changes throughout the day depending on the waning ​sunlight or angle of view. Glass overlays highlight abstract shapes ​and are a nod to the flux and form of shifting reflections.

Available works

37.5"W x 50"H

37.5"W x 50"H

21"W X 41.5"H

42"W x 31.5H

37"w X 37"H

My relationship ​with glass is a ​constant ​evolution.

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My journey


  • Finalist in the first ever stained glass reality show ​competition Meet Your Maker on Discovery+
  • 8 page feature in What Women Create magazine ​available in Barnes & Noble & select art stores ​nationwide
  • Alexander Salazar Fine Art
  • US Grant Luxury Collection
  • Brea Gallery
  • Yuma Art Center
  • Ashton Gallery
  • The Studio Door
  • La Bodega Gallery

one of a kind

My work is subtly reinforced but not indestructible. ​Pieces must be handled and cared for accordingly. ​Solder may contain lead and is not food safe. Wash ​hands after handling. Buyer assumes all risks.

Vintage glass and hand craftsmanship bear marks of ​age and reflect an architectural process. Patina may ​change and deepen in character over time. This only ​enriches the story.


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San​ Diego County, CA