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Glass is carefully selected for color, sheen and depth of movement.
Individually hand cut and assembled with the time honored Tiffany Technique.

Vintage glass carries a history and depth that is unmatched in modern materials.  I create contemporary flat panel, three dimensional and wearable pieces using a hand crafted technique generations old. A custom pattern is drawn and rare opalescent glass is selected for its unique and wildly varying color and texture. In the tradition of Louis C. Tiffany, individual pieces of glass are hand cut, ground to refine their shape, wrapped in copper foil, burnished and soldered one by one to each other at 410 degrees C. The piece then receives patina, cleaning and a protective wax finish.

A traditional architectural process translated into intricate wearable custom designs.

Depth in the darkness. Brilliance in the light. 

*Collector assumes all risk and responsibility in caring for and wearing glass art.  May contain lead solder which is not harmful unless ingested.  Lead free options available.